Do you remember your first math test? Do you remember how hard you studied for it, in order to get as many points as possible? Have you ever asked yourself why you did it and what you got out of all that hard work?

It's funny how education works, when thinking of tests. You should study as hard as possible, and your chance of reaching an A increases. What if all your classmates made A on every single test, is grades pointless then?

Why do we have grades? To measure students knowledge, right? What we don't know as students, is that we compete with other students. To be the best of the best. This will work as long as you compete with "losers", but what you will discover later on is that you probably are a looser yourself. For every year that you study it will get harder and harder to achieve A on your tests. In many cases where people have study hard and competing they eventually ended up burned out.

If you feel that the educational system is not for you, and you already have a plan. Stick to that, and stop competing.

School is for fools!

I was a total fuck up in our educational system, and I hated every second of it. I forced my self through it, and after twelve years I graduated the gymnasium. I ignored the competition, instead I focused on computers, especially Linux. I had a monopoly, and that's what made me through my life. Still today, it's hard to match my wide and deep competence. Especially for those who are at the same age as me. Imaging, I've been doing Linux and servers for about 10 years and I'm only 24 years old.

During the recent years I've discovered that it's not my computer skills that is my big thing, it's the way of looking at things and think on them from another perspective. This together with my skills in computers is a perfect combo for me. I value innovation, Steve Jobs may have been a complete douche-bag but he was a innovative dude how saw possibilities where no one else saw them. The best way of learning, is to brainstorm a interesting random idea.

Produce innovation!

One big reason of why I'm such a fan of open source, is the culture that comes with it. We learn from each other. You simply cant learn the whole math book, you cant have all the knowledge about one specific software either.

So stop compete, and start to learn from your classmates.