For the first time ever, I'm hosting a public TOR-relay. Actually, I host two.

It all happened one late night. I had spent the night reading a bunch of articles about mass surveillance. Yes, old news. But still. I decided to put up one relay just for testing. A couple of days later I started another one.

It's hard to explain TOR for someone that does not care about Internet freedom. TOR is often refereed as the gate to deep web, and deep web is often refereed as the place where you will find all illegal services that is not accepted and indexed in the public web. This is true, but it's not all of it.

Me, I'm browsing on the Internet of Sweden, which is one of the least censored and monitored networks in the world. Our National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA) is only (according to Swedish law) allowed to monitor traffic that enters and leaves the country. That's not so bad right? In my book, it is. I still believe that they monitor network equipment inside of Sweden, why wouldn't they? If they do that, will they tell us? No. We know one thing for sure tho, we will never know if it's true.

Enough of me and all other Swedes that browse on this wonderful Internet connection that is only monitored on the entering and leaving of our country.

What about the citizens in the US, Russia, North Korea, China? Do their agencies only monitor traffic that enters and leaves their country? From what we know: No. Do they censor anything on their web? From what we know: yes.

I want to help them, providing a connection to the Internet that is secure and not censored or monitored.

I'm gonna write a follow up on this article (some day) with some more technical details about my relays, and the lessons that I've learnt when the police kick down my door.