At the time when Dash was called Darkcoin

Three years ago, I invested 2000 SEK (just for fun) into a cryptocurrency that at the time were called Darkcoin, it's now called Dash. They changed the name later on because people associated it with Darkweb (or Deepweb). Dash stands for Digital cash and is an improved fork of Bitcoin with a more efficient algorithm, private and instant transaction capabilities.

My portfolio in numbers (lol ofc)

For 2k SEK I got a bit over 80 Dash and at the time I think that it was worth around 1.3 USD each. At the time of writing it's worth 1300 USD each. The total value of 80 Dash is today: 104008 USD or 865 651 SEK. But, since the last year I've sold of some and reinvested in other cryptocurrencies that I believe in. Last Sunday I sold 6 Dash for 53k SEK. The real reason for a small sellout is to collect some profit. Other than Dash I also have Storj, TNT, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Why Dash?

Because Dash makes sense. Dash has always been a better option than Bitcoin as a real "buy-a-coffe for cryptocurrency" alternative. Dash is also very common in Brazil and is on it's way in Africa. In fact, let me post some links

Dash is also built by a Decentralized Governance Model and is Open Source. Everybody that has 1000 Dash has the option to host a masternode which has capabilities to vote on the budget that the organization Dash is built by. Also what technology that should be implemented in the currency.

Bitcoin reached 20K USD, so could Dash

Dash has better technology, and a lower total coincap than Bitcoin. Bitcoin will still serve as a important player in the Cryptocurrency market. I believe that Bitcoin will be the USD equivalent of the "real" currency market. But that doesn't mean that it will be worth most per coin. Cryptocurrency is technology, the currency with the best technology is the one that will win.

A note on that: It does not mean that Dash will be the best cryptocurrency in the end. That's why I have spread my eggs into other currencies that I believe in